1. What is the SAAS?

SAAS stands for the "Survey Administrator Assistance System."

2. How do you get access to the SAAS?

The DEOCS Survey Administrator is given access to the SAAS after a request for DEOCS has been made and approved by the DEOCS Program Manager. Upon approval of a DEOCS request, an email is sent to the individual named as the Survey Administrator containing a username and password. This username and password provides access into the SAAS. If you have requested a DEOCS and three workdays (Mon-Fri) have passed and you have not received an email with your username and password, contact the DEOCS Program Manager by selecting the "Contact DEOCS Program Manager" link located on the bottom of this site. You can also call DSN 854-2675 or 4217.

3. How does the SAAS assist the Survey Administrator?

The SAAS contains several functions that assist the Survey Administrator in managing on-going assessments. Functions like "Download or Add Passwords” for online survey takers, "Change Online Survey Start and Stop Dates," "Print Paper Surveys,” "Request for Assistance," "Survey Response Counter," and "Retrieve and Request Reports” are available.

4. Explain the "Download or Add Passwords for Online Survey Takers" option?

When you completed the DEOCS request form you were asked if you wanted to conduct the DEOCS assessment online, in paper form, or a combination of online and paper. If you selected the online option, then you also had to input the number of online survey password letters you wanted the system to create for you. Each individual that is going to take the DEOCS online must be given an online password letter. The online password letter file is generated and is maintained in your SAAS. To locate and download the online password letters, you go to the "Download or Add Passwords” for online survey takers option.

5. Can I request additional passwords if I run out?

Yes, you can always request additional passwords. Remember to check your online survey Start and Stop dates before requesting additional passwords.

6. Explain the "Change Online Survey Start and Stop Dates" option?

If you are conducting an online survey, this option allows you to change the Start and Stop dates. This is important to manage because an individual who has an online survey password letter and attempts to take the survey after the Stop date will not be granted access. You control the dates right from your SAAS. Let's say you requested 200 online password letters and you downloaded them and passed them out. The letters indicate the Stop date is 01/11/10. On 01/11/10, you decide you want to keep the survey open for another month. You change the Stop date to 01/12/10. All of the password letters you sent out earlier automatically remain valid until 01/12/10. No need to request additional passwords just because you changed the Stop date.

7. Is there anything special I need to know about the password letters?

Yes. Remember the password located in the letter can only be used once to complete a survey. Once it has been used to complete a survey, it becomes invalid. It is also very important to not make a copy of a password letter as only one person will be able to take the survey. Also remember to not mark the password letter with an individual's name, SSAN, or anything else that would show it is being used as a tracking device.

8. Explain the "Print Paper Survey" option?

If you are using the paper survey to conduct the DEOCS assessment, then each individual taking the survey will need three things. They will need a #2 pencil, a copy of the DEOCS paper survey, and they will need a SCANTRON bubble response sheet to capture their selections. When you requested the DEOCS, you were asked if you wanted to add Locally Developed or Short Answer Questions to the existing survey. If you added any questions, then they will appear at the end of the standard DEOCS survey. You will use the "Print Paper Survey" option to download your DEOCS survey which will include the questions. Make as many copies of the survey that you need. Upon the completion of your DEOCS, make sure and destroy the copies made. Do not save the DEOCS paper surveys thinking you can use them in the future. DEOMI periodically modifies the survey and maintaining old copies can create potential problems.

9. What does the "Request for Assistance" option do for me?

If at any time you need support or assistance relating to your DEOCS assessments, you can select the "Request for Assistance" option and correspond with the DEOCS support team. The "Request for Assistance" option also provides DSN and commercial telephone numbers that can be used for immediate assistance.

10. Explain the "Survey Response Counter" option?

The "Survey Response Counter" allows the Survey Administrator to see the number and percentage of those who have completed the online survey. This is an important option to manage and pay attention to. You will want to check the completion rate and determine if you want to extend the stop date. If you see a limited return of online surveys you may want to engage the Commander who can then inform the unit on the importance of completing the survey. This option does not work with the paper survey process.

11. How does the "Retrieve and Request Reports" option work?

Once you determine you have a good return of surveys, either online and/or paper, you will need to request the DEOCS report. To request a report, you select this option and follow the instructions. Your report will be generated and maintained in the "Retrieve and Request Reports" option as well. This option will not be available for you to use until you have a DEOCS that has met its established stop date.

12. I enter the SAAS and do not see all of the options mentioned above. Why is that?

Options are revealed depending upon the type of DEOCS assessment you are conducting. For instance, if you are conducting a paper survey, you will not have a need for the "Survey Response Counter." If you have not met an established stop date for a survey, then you will not see the "Retrieve and Request Reports" option until you are ready to order the report.

13. What do I do if I misplace my username and password?

Contact the DEOCS Program Manager by selecting the "Contact DEOCS Program Manager" link located on the bottom of this site. You can also call DSN 854-2675 or 4217. Please ensure you have your UIC or DEOCS ID available when you call.

14. How can I provide feedback to the DEOCS assessment program?

You will be given an opportunity to provide feedback once your DEOCS assessment has been completed. If immediate feedback is desired, you can always use the "Request for Assistance" option.

15. When does my username and password expire?

Your username and password will expire after you have completed the DEOCS assessment, to include retrieving your final report(s).