Assessment to Solutions


The DEOCS Support Team has more than ninety years of combined experience working in the field of military organizational assessment and data analysis, and has participated in all phases of DEOCS design, development, operations, training, administration, and interpretation since its inception.

Analytical Services are conducted by a team of highly skilled personnel with extensive experience in organizational assessment, industrial psychology, and DEOCS analysis and interpretation.

The DEOCS support team provides assistance in the following areas:

Consultation Services
Assessment groundwork
Survey administration
Report interpretation
Focus group/Interview question development
Analytical/Research Services
Creating rollup reports of multi-unit DEOCS data
Identifying key trends from survey results
Analyzing reports to further characterize specific factors and demographic variables

Additionally, The DEOCS support team provides assistance to Flag Officers/SES level commanders/directors by providing:

In-depth survey analysis

Executive summary reports

Out briefs

For further information regarding available services, or to schedule a consultation contact:

DEOMI DEOCS Support Team

(321) 494-2675 / 4217 / 2538 (DSN: 854)

To e-mail the DEOMI DEOCS Support Team: Click Here