Assessment to Solutions

Phase Guides


Did you know there are four steps in preparing for the climate assessment? Read the below guide and review the video to ensure you don't miss any steps in your preparation.

Phase 1 Guide

Phase 1 Video


Begins with requesting the DEOCS. Leaders should publicly endorse the survey to maximize participation and encourage members to provide frank and honest perceptions of the organization.

Phase 2 Guide

Phase 2 Video


This guide will orient leaders about the process and provide recommended steps for validating the perceptions reflected in the report.

Phase 3 Guide

Phase 3 Video (coming soon!)


Start by looking at all the validated concerns identified using data obtained in earlier phases. Clearly identify any issues, look for cause and effect as you start to develop your strategies that will lead to solutions.

Phase 4 Guide

Phase 4 Video (coming soon!)


This phase involves executing improvements and evaluating progress. Once you've developed your action plan it is important that you implement it effectively.

Phase 5 Guide

Phase 5 Video (coming soon!)