1. What is a DEOCS?
The Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI) Organizational Climate Survey (DEOCS) is a confidential, command-requested organization development survey focusing on issues of organizational effectiveness, equal opportunity, and sexual assault response and prevention. The DEOCS program is managed and administered by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI).

2. What does the DEOCS Survey look like?
The core survey contains 56 items/questions. That number can vary depending on demographic selections in the beginning of the survey. The survey has four major groupings: Organizational Effectiveness (OE), Equal Opportunity/Equal Employment Opportunity (EO/EEO)/Fair Treatment, Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (SAPR) and Retaliation. These four major groups are divided into 21 overall question factors. The majority of questions are measured on a seven-point scale. A sample of the survey is available for download from this site. Commanders have the option to add up to 10 locally developed questions (LDQs) and five short-answer questions (SAQs).

3. Tell me more about the 10 locally developed questions and how they can be added to the survey.
You can select locally developed questions from our "Sample Locally Developed Question List" or create your own. Make sure you have the locally developed questions you want to add to the survey prior to making your request for DEOCS. All questions added to the survey must be approved by the requesting commander. The locally developed questions should be formatted using a positively worded statement and are presented in such a way that a person can respond to them using a five-point response scale. The scale used for locally developed questions is as follows:

  • Strongly disagree
  • Disagree
  • Neither Agree/Disagree
  • Agree
  • Strongly Agree

4. What response scale is used in the DEOCS?
The DEOCS uses a variety of response scales, however, the majority of items use a seven-point (Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Slightly Disagree, Neither Agree/Disagree, Slightly Agree, Agree, Strongly Agree) scale.

5. Who can request a DEOCS?
The survey is available to all Department of Defense (DoD) agencies and administered by request of the unit commander/director. DEOCS results are provided to the requesting commander; however, access to the account is also provided to the survey administrator and the commander's supervisor upon generation of the DEOCS report. Commanders can authorize a responsible member, preferably an equal opportunity advisor (EOA, CCS, CMEO, EOR, MEO, etc), within their unit to make the request on their behalf. This authorization is handled through the "Commander Consent Verification" process that is completed when making a request for a DEOCS.

6. What is a survey administrator?
The survey administrator, in most cases, is the requestor of the DEOCS assessment. The survey administrator is usually a DEOMI-trained equal opportunity advisor or someone who is serving as the EO advisor to the commander. However, anyone directed by the requesting commander can serve as the survey administrator. The survey administrator is responsible for overseeing the assessment process to include requesting, receiving, and distributing bubble response sheets and/or online survey password letters. Upon approval of a DEOCS request, the survey administrator will receive an email with additional information. He/she will also be given access to an administrative management site developed specifically to assist with the assessment from beginning to end.

7. Can contractors take the DEOCS?
No. The guidance speaking to contractors is located in DoDM 8910.01-V2, June 30, 2014 Section (4), page 17. Contractors with the federal government are considered to be members of the public for information collection purposes, and OMB approval is required to collect information from them.

8. What is the "Commander Consent Verification" and why is it required?
It is common for a unit commander to have the DEOCS conducted through the EO advisor or responsible agent. Because the DEOCS is an assessment for a commander, it is necessary for the requestor to acknowledge he/she has (1) obtained consent from the commander to request the assessment and (2) obtained consent from the commander to receive the DEOCS report.

9. Is it possible to request a DEOCS without obtaining the Commander's consent?
No. The commander of the unit requesting the DEOCS must be aware of the request. The individual requesting the DEOCS will have to verify that he/she obtained commander consent.

10. Once a request for DEOCS is made, does the Commander receive notification?
Yes. Upon approval of a request for a DEOCS assessment, an email is forwarded to the commander and commander's supervisor acknowledging the request and the name of the requestor. The commander does not need to reply to the email notification if he/she is aware of the DEOCS and grants authorization to the requestor.

11. Why do I have to provide my Commander's Supervisors information?
The Secretary of Defense released a Sexual Assault Prevention and Response memo dated 6 May 2013. This memo levies an additional requirement on all commanders who conduct command climate surveys. The requirement states the following:

Enhancing Commander Accountability: To enhance accountability and improve insight into subordinate command climate, the USD (P&R) shall require that the results of FY13 National Defense Authorization Act-mandated annual command climate surveys will now also be provided to the next level up in the chain of command.

12. What is DEOMI doing to meet the SECDEF requirement to enhance commander accountability?
To ensure this requirement is being met, DEOMI has enabled a couple of new features in its command climate survey request form and notification emails.
  • 1) Survey administrators will now enter the commander's supervisor's (the next level up in the chain of command) information in their DEOCS request.
  • 2) Once the request has been approved, the commander's supervisor will receive an email notification (from the system) that a command climate survey has been requested by the command. This notification is in addition to the normal commander's notification and administrator approval/account info email.
  • 3) Upon survey completion and the report being generated, the commander's supervisor, requesting commander, and the survey administrator will all receive a notification email stating the survey has been completed and the report has been generated. This email will also include the administrator account information so both the commander's supervisor and requesting commander can access the system and retrieve the PDF survey report.

13. How many people do I need to have assigned to my unit to conduct a DEOCS?
The DEOCS is a unit-level assessment tool. A minimum of 16 responses are required to generate a DEOCS report. Requests for DEOCS in units with fewer than 16 assigned personnel will not be processed. If you have fewer than 16 assigned personnel, an alternative method such as interviews or focus groups should be used. Contact your local EOA, program manager, or EO Service HQs to ensure you are complying with your Service's policy.

14. What password options are available to take the DEOCS?

When conducting an online DEOCS, the unit will only be able to use individual passwords to take the survey. This option is called "Print password." This type of password allows every member of the unit to receive an individual, unique password. Print passwords require the administrator to download and either print out all passwords for unit members or forward the file to the unit and have them print them out and distribute them.

If you are conducting a DEOCS with subgroup breakouts, the administrator will receive a file for each breakout that will have to be distributed.

15. What information will I need to have available when I make a DEOCS request?
You will need the following information to complete the DEOCS request form:
  • Unit Identification Code (UIC) (USN, USMC, & USA Only)
  • Personal Accounting Symbol (PAS) (USAF Only)
  • Operational Facilities (OPFAC) (USCG Only)
  • Mailing address for organization
  • Branch of service
  • Service component
  • * Demographic information based on sex by rank/grade
  • Name/rank/grade/email of survey administrator
  • DSN phone number of survey administrator
  • Commercial phone number of survey administrator
  • Name/rank/grade/email of commander/director
  • Name/rank/grade/email of commander's supervisor
  • Number of passwords required to take online survey
  • Number of Bubble Response Sheets to take Paper Survey (If applicable)
  • Ten locally developed questions (LDQs) selected (Optional)
  • Five short-answer questions (SAQs) selected (Optional)
* All administrators are required to provide the demographics of the personnel being surveyed during this assessment (please do not include your Commander's demographics).

The following demographics are needed; sex (male/female) broken out by (E1-3, E4-6, E7-9, Warrant Officer, O1-3, O4 and above, civilian grades 1-12, civilian grades 13-SES, and then if applicable any "other" groups.

16. Explain the requirement to add demographic information based on Sex to the request area.
DEOMI provides DEOCS survey results directly to commanders as well as provides analysis of combined unit DEOCS results to the DoD and the Services. To increase utility and precision of DEOCS data, additional demographic information is required. Demographic information will also be used to increase fidelity of future data analysis and the subsequent display of survey results to commanders and within roll-up reports. This demographic information will not be displayed in your DEOCS report.

17. Can there be more than one Survey Administrator for the same unit?
No. There can only be one official survey administrator for each DEOCS request made.

18. What different options are available to complete the DEOCS survey?
You have three survey options available to you. (1) You can have individuals complete the survey online from any computer that has an internet connection. (2) You can have individuals complete the survey in paper form. (3) You can use a combination of the online and paper form for the same unit.
  1. How does the online survey option work?
    The first thing you need to know is how many individuals are going to participate in the online survey. You need this number because this is the number of online survey password letters you will be asking for when you complete the DEOCS request form. If your unit consists of 100 personnel, then you ask for 100 online survey passwords. Upon approval of your DEOCS request, a file with the number of "Print password" letters you requested will be made available to you. When using this password, you will have to download the file and either print the passwords out or forward the file to the unit to print out, and have them hand them out. Each letter contains a different password along with instructions on where to go to take the survey. The print password access code can only be used by one person to complete a survey. Once the survey has been completed and submitted, the password becomes invalid. At a minimum, your start date should be no earlier than five workdays from the date of your request. You have the ability to modify your stop date anytime you need to.

  2. How does the paper survey option work?
    The first thing you need to know is how many individuals are going to participate in the survey in paper form. You need this number because that is the number of bubble response sheets you will be asking for when you make your DEOCS request. Each individual completing a survey will be provided a Scantron bubble response sheet. The Scantron bubble sheets are mailed to you within 72 hours after your request for DEOCS has been approved. They are mailed to the address you provide in the DEOCS request form. Once you receive the Scantron bubble response sheets you pass them out along with a copy of the DEOCS survey and individuals complete them. You then forward only the bubble sheets answers back to us for processing, the administrator keeps all the comments and processes them at the unit.

  3. How does the combination of using the online and paper survey options work?
    The instructions locations in question 18a - b apply. If you have 100 individuals participating in the DEOCS assessment and you want 50 to take the survey online and 50 to take the paper version then you provide this information on the DEOCS request form and distribute online passwords and paper surveys and bubble sheets as required.

19. Can I reenter the survey once I start it?
Yes, we still request that you complete the DEOCS in one sitting, but if you have to exit the survey or you lose Internet connection, you can reenter the survey from that last page completed using the initial password provided to you. Once you complete and submit your survey, that password becomes invalid.

20. (PAPER VERSION) What method of mailing is used to send the SCANTRON bubble response sheets?
DEOMI will send bubble response sheets using Priority Mail (USPS) at no cost to the unit. If you want to use Federal Express, it is paid by your command and is only available if an active FedEx account number has been provided on the DEOCS request form.

21. (PAPER VERSION) What do I do once I receive the SCANTRON bubble response sheets from you in the mail?
By the time you receive the bubble response sheets, you will have received an email providing you with instructions of how to enter your SAAS. You will enter the site and download the paper DEOCS survey created specifically for your unit. This survey has minor differences from the sample papers survey located on the main site, so ensure you only use the paper survey developed within your SAAS. If you requested locally developed questions, they will appear to the end of your standard DEOCS. Once downloaded, reproduce the number of surveys you need. Provide one DEOCS survey and one Scantron bubble response sheet to each individual taking the survey.

DO NOT MAKE COPIES OF THE SCANTRON BUBBLE RESPONSE SHEETS. If you need more, contact us. Copies will not be accepted.

  • Maintain the confidentiality of all survey materials and response forms.
  • Do not place individual names on any of the materials.
  • Administer the survey in a non-threatening environment.
  • Do not encourage respondents to answer in a certain way.
  • Stress that honesty is important.
  • Timeliness of administration is important.
  • Inform respondents to use black/blue ink or a #2 lead pencil and erase any stray marks.
  • Inform respondents to provide one response per question and to not fold, staple, or damage the response sheet.
  • Once administration is complete, collect Scantrons bubble response sheets and return them to DEOMI.
  • If you have breakouts, separate Scantrons into stacks by breakout, label accordingly before mailing to DEOMI.

22. What address do I use to mail the SCANTRON bubble response sheets? Return all response sheets (used and unused) to:
Return all response sheets (used and unused) to:

23. The commander wants to break up the overall unit into different sections so he/she can receive a separate report for the different sections. How do we accomplish this?
You will need to determine how you want the DEOCS administered prior to making your request. It is common for a commander to want a separate report for each subordinate unit, group, department, or section within the organization. You accomplish this by selecting "Yes" when asked the question, "Does your command require individual sub-breakout surveys" on the request form. You will then indicate how many separate reports and input the "Name/Title" of the unit, group, department, or section.

24. Will an overall combined report for sub-breakouts be provided?
Yes. You will receive reports for the individual breakouts (if they have at least 16 completed surveys) and one overall report for the entire DEOCS.

25. Can I list separate Commanders or UIC/PAS Code/OPFAC for Breakouts?
Yes, you have the ability to add different UICs/PAS Codes/OPFACs for each breakout requested. When you change the breakout UIC, the system will allow you to modify the Commanders name and email address. This change will also trigger a modification to the Commander's name on the password letter and breakout DEOCS report cover page.

26. The request area is asking me for a "Unit Type," can you explain the list?
Each Service has its own list of unit types. Unit types are only overall activities or functions within each Service (e.g. Aviation, Medical, Infantry, Support, etc...). This selection will be used to provide an additional level of analysis in section III, Unit Summary of the DEOCS report. That analysis will allow a Commander to view and compare their unit's favorability percentage up against a similar (unit) type percentage within only that Service and also their overall Service's percentage itself.

27. What should I do when I get final DEOCS report?
After the survey stop date, the administrator must sign into his/her account and request the report. The report should be ready for download within 4–6 working days. Upon the report being generated, the commander's supervisor, the requesting commander, and the survey administrator will all receive a notification email stating the survey has been generated and is available for download. This email will also include the administrator account information so all parties can access the system and retrieve the PDF survey report.

Additionally, once the report is generated, ensure you print the report and save it to your computer. Your SAAS account will close out 60 days after the report is generated. DEOMI only keeps reports on file for 90 days, so it is the responsibility of the administrator or unit to secure a copy of the report for historical purposes.

28. How can I request more passwords?
You can request more passwords from your SAAS. Log into your account and go to "add/download passwords" then click on "add more passwords" to increase authorizations or passwords. You can change the number of distributed passwords to reflect the correct percentage.

29. What is the completion rate needed to receive a meaningful report?
The DEOCS averages a 42% return rate DoD-wide. DEOMI does not recommend a specific percentage of completion to receive a meaningful report. Remember that the higher the completion rate, the higher the confidence level of your unit's perceptions, feelings, and opinions.

30. I am trying to conduct the survey, but the passwords are not working.
The passwords will not work until the survey start date entered on the initial request. You can modify the start or end date to activate or reactivate the passwords.

31. I received the following message when trying to request the final report "send survey data."
This is a combination or paper survey. The system is waiting for the Scantrons to be processed by DEOMI to run the report. You must mail the paper surveys to DEOMI to be process in order to request the final report. If no paper survey were used, please contact DEOCS Support to trigger the report as an online only.

32. I received the Scantrons answer sheets but not the questionnaire.
Log in to your SAAS at review your assessment profile to make sure all the information is correct. On the side menu, select "Print Paper Survey" to obtain the survey and reproduce as needed. If you did not receive your SAAS information via email, contact DEOCS Support.

30. What do I do if I still have questions?
Call the DEOCS support team at DSN 854-2675/3260/4217 or commercial at (321) 494-2675/3260/4217, or email at

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