RCS DD-P&R (AR) 2338
Expiration: 31 Jan 24

  • This Department of Defense survey is authorized by your leadership to measure the organizational climate in your unit.

  • This survey contains approximately 67 Questions that will require a response. You also have the opportunity to provide written comments. The estimated time to complete this survey is 25 minutes, depending on how many comments you wish to provide. While taking the survey, you will notice several words have a definition sign:Definition Symbol beside them. Moving the mouse over the definition sign will allow you to review the definition.

  • This voluntary survey does not collect or use personally identifiable information. Therefore, the information collected is not subject to the Privacy Act of 1974. You will be asked to provide demographic information such as rank/grade, race, and sex; however, this information will be used for statistical analysis only. No attempt will be made to identify you.

  • Please use the access code provided to you to enter and complete the survey. You must complete the entire survey upon initial entry. If you have questions or have not been provided an access code, STOP and contact the Survey Administrator identified on your notification letter before proceeding.

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